We are very pleased to announce the new course at Virgin Active ,Wimbledon North.

The date is Wednesday 20th of February from 10 am to 4 pm.

Our Indo Board Fitness Course is geared at all fitness professionals who are at a minimum level 2 qualified group fitness instructors,  physical therapists and personal trainers.

The Indo Board products, used as fitness tools in a functional movement program, are a huge benefit to trainers looking to improve balance, posture, and core strength for clients of all ages and athletic abilities.

Indo Board was founded in the action sport of surfing but can be used for all board sports.Our fitness market has increased each year as Indo Board is accepted as a leader in the balance board market.

The Indo Board Balance Trainer offers much variety to the trainer and participant.  The
versatility of the cushion, roller and different shaped decks demonstrates how the Indo
Board can be used for remedial exercise through to professional athletes who want to
improve sporting performance.

“It is rare to find a  piece of equipment that can offer the Personal Trainer so many options when it comes to program design and exercise selection”.  Liam Johnson, AES Academy

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