Our recent Indo Board Fitness Course at Fitness First Bournemouth was brilliant and inspiring  to see how much our products can really make a difference highlighting new ways to get and keep fit.   This was a day for the experts to push the limits and see how much further you can train using all Indo Board equipment.

Master Trainer, Kevin Hubble, delivered a catered course aimed to candidates with experience in all boardsports teaching.  Across the board from windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, SUP and now with SUP Yoga.

“The secret for Indo Board Fitness training is to relate it to your water sport movements.”said Kevin Hubble to Simon,Jock , Nichola & Adriano.

Kevin , gave us a great workout using TRX bands and a RIP Stick to simulate Stand Up Paddling.We used the Gigante cushion on the PRO Indo Board  as well as Original Training Pack using the roller and the indoFLO cushion. At the end he make us do the “funny walk” or glutes workout.

“Many thanks for the Indo Board instructors course –have to say really enjoyed it Kev is a amazing trainer and the course has  really opened my eyes up to possibilities of different balance and fitness training you can do with a Indo Board  .Like lots of people I have a Indo Board I just did not understand its potential .I recently trained as fitness instructor to develop new teaching products for the school ,can’t wait to start running Indo Board balance fitness as a cross over fitness options for the school.” Simon Bassett –Joint Head Trainer BSUPA –Owner of X-train wind/kite surf and school est 91 – on line store www.2xs.co.uk

“Hey Adrian
I had a very safe & happy journey home thank you & I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic day that it was!
It was a pleasure to meet you & have you (the Yoda of balance board) teach me & Kevin was brilliant too, I learnt so much & thoroughly enjoyed it.  So stoked its unreal “
Nichola Cummiskey – Level 3 PT & Yoga teacher.

“Hi Adriano, It was a great day, thank you so much. I got so much out of that and has certainly given me a lift. I found it so interesting to listen to and learn from Kevin, Kevin was awesome and I will use all this new information with my training,and School.” Jock Paterson, PT trainer, Pro SUP/Lonboard surfer, Former Lifeguard, Former Triatlon Athlete.

Photos by Ruby Paterson from Holistics Directory.

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